Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Memory of Our Beloved Brother, Todd Miller (April 1972 - August 2012)

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our dear brother, Todd Miller, whose kindness, love, and joyful spirit was shared with all of us here at Your Sisters.

On June 2, 2012, Todd Miller landed on Tanzanian soil to embark on a three-week adventure of a lifetime that would ultimately lead to the roof of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Bright-eyed, fit, and ready, he united with his dear friends, Bellamy and Kelly, here in Arusha.  

As the coordinators of his trip, we came to love Todd instantly. After the first night of staying up late sharing life stories with friends, we came to see the depth of Todd’s big-hearted, open, and adventuresome spirit.  Not more than 12 hours into knowing him, we felt such a kinship to this incredibly special man. 

We were thrilled to arrange the group’s climb, and upon their return, Todd was beaming! Joy radiated from his eyes and infectious smile. He was on top of the world—he successfully met one of his life goals:  summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Although Todd and his group were eager to go on safari, they insisted on spending a few days with the young girls at Your Sisters Orphanage & School.  Todd wasn’t so much focused on bringing the girls lots of stuff, he simply wanted to interact with the girls, witnessing and absorbing their daily lives.  He enjoyed seeing and experiencing what goes on at this special place, what spirit fills the air, as well as the spirit that fills the hearts of all who are involved. Todd bonded quickly with the girls and all came to love him as a big brother.  

During Todd’s time with us, we shared incredible memories together, playing, learning, singing, and laughing.  In such a short time, Todd really became an extended family member.  We felt a strong bond with this first group of travelers.  Todd, Bellamy, and Kelly greatly impacted all of our lives here at Your Sisters.

We felt strongly that Todd would be a close brother for life and very much hoped he would find a way to come back to visit again, to see how the girls’ lives were unfolding as well as witness just how much our reach had expanded.   We knew Todd would continue to be proud of all that our was doing to improve the lives of women and girls in Tanzania, a land that had become so dear to him.  By the time Todd was preparing to head back to the US, he was already planning his return.

Todd Miller will be dearly missed by all of us, yet we know his spirit endures brightly—like a brilliant comet in the sky.  

To our generous, kind, patient, loving, and wonderful friend and brother. Your Sisters thanks you for everything.

With love and heartfelt appreciation from your Tanzanian family,  

Your Sisters Girls & Staff.

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