Monday, June 25, 2012

A Letter From Your Little Sister

Hi, I am one of the little girls at Your Sisters Orphanage.

I am shy, but giggling with excitement to have this opportunity to meet you and to speak to you. For you to hear my voice.

They call me an orphan because I lost my parents. I don’t much prefer to be called an “orphan” because I believe that life brings family and blessings in so many ways. That is what my Bibi Grandma always said. I couldn’t believe how blessed I was to come here to this place they call Your Sisters.

We have a secret here amongst us girls…that blessings will find their way to you each day…IF ALL YOU DO IS SMILE. But you can’t just smile with your face…the secret part is…you have to smile with your heart. My grandma also taught me that you have to give thanks each and every day for what you do have. That is all.
So everyday when I get nice food to eat and I have warm clothes now and this loving family, I can’t believe it. I’m even learning to read and write. I can’t explain how happy it makes me…and my sisters, too.

The part I like most is being around these people who care so much. I also love bread with Blue Band butter and writing new words with colored pencils.

I am so lucky to have been brought here to this special place.

Me and my sisters are so happy to be in class together everyday. We’ve been learning simple exercises, reading, writing in our own lesson books and learning to speak two languages!

We know that you are the ones helping us. We know that it is because of YOU that we have beds to sleep in and even a net to protect us from mosquitoes and horrible malaria. It is because of you and your help that soon we will have our own clean running water at the orphanage for washing ourselves and drinking. That way Mama doesn’t have to break her back carrying all the extra water so far for us in buckets each day.

We know that plans are being made for this whole center and very soon I will have many more little sisters in my family.

I say prayers every night at bedtime. I say prayers giving thanks for you and all of your help. For helping this place to be and for helping me to be here.

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