Monday, June 25, 2012

Mama Sion: The Heart of Your Sisters

For the first and most important story, we bring you that of orphanage Head Mother, Mama Sion.

Mama Sion is GRACE. She is LOVE. She is DIGNITY…and

She is the HEART of Your Sisters Orphanage (YS).

Sion personifies this selfless love and grace more than anyone I’ve ever met, and she holds this quiet dignity every day of her life. It is her heart that is the lifeblood of Your Sisters Orphanage. It is her Spirit!

When I first met Sion I felt such love in the world. Beyond raising seven of her own beautiful children, Sion has spent her life opening her home and arms to countless children in need. She was a doctor at the village clinic for many years delivering babies, as well as becoming renowned for being an advisor to women on all sorts of issues ranging from Aids and sexually transmitted disease prevention, family planning and general counseling.

It is as if Mama Sion is her own temple of love and everyone who is in her presence wants to come into that temple.  I knew soon after our friendship started and I was able to witness how much her touch and heart healed children that I had to find a way to shine a light on this woman.  I needed to find a way to help her reach more children.

I always felt strongly about working to help women in tanzania, as well as connecting women from the west to the amazingly strong women of this region.  When I came together with Mama Sion, I was absolutely certain she was built into the very DNA of Your Sisters.  It became very clear that the first phase and the true heart of Your Sisters would be our orphanage for girls.  We would be supporting and expanding this special woman's reach into the lives of many more women.  

We felt that no one could appreciate and benefit from this loving temple more than innocent orphan children who have lost their parents.

Each day that she wakes up, Sion faces a mountain of poverty, but it doesn't seem to effect her spirit.  Even more, you wouldn't know the mountain exists.  She has shown me much about the true meaning of intrinsic value.  A woman the world might view as extremely poor by external measures may be one of the richest among us.

With the smallest means, Mama Sion enriches all whom she touches.  It is our intent to help her expand her heartfelt vision.  It is our intent to stand with her and build upon this magnificent temple of love.

Amidst all the daily challenges of raising her own, Sion has selflessly opened her very small home to our seven little girls.  Each girl has been led to YS over the past 14 months.  She and her incredibly big-hearted husband have shifted into the smallest room so they can give these precious children a chance at life.

Her heart and passion for children in need is palpable and that is what YS is ALL ABOUT.  We are about HEART...we are about CONNECTION...and we are about FAMILY.  We are also about what it really means to be a global community, joining at a make amazing things possible.

With your help, our first goal is to create a special sanctuary and center for 25 orphaned girls.

YS is the nexus of our organization, and Mama Sion is the lifeblood that pumps through that heart every day.

We have taken a stand behind this incredibly selfless woman, and we ask each of you to take a stand with us.  To stand with Mama Sion today and help us build our Phase I Orphanage Center.  To build our first and most honored building, one that we most fittingly and with pride will name: THE SION CENTER.

We need each and every one of you.

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